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UV Printer CMYK Ink Curve ICC What Is The Point?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 07, 2017

What is the ink curve?

    Understand this issue, first understand the CMYK color and ICC provisions. CMYK is the English initials of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, with black Black, confused with Blue, with K instead. Optical RGB, is the three primary colors red, green and blue can be used with any color, such as color display with the color RGB. In reality, CMYK is used in color matching. For example, in CMYK, in theory, CMY can match any color. Based on CMY, the purity of color in production can not reach the theoretical value. Therefore, black K is used to mix and match, especially the modulation of dark patterns.

    Come to understand the next ICC, people may know ISO will be more, ISO (International System of Units), such as the length of one meter is easy to say, but the use of production, the absolute one meter is impossible to achieve, there will always be errors , Which would require a reference to constrain or measure the length, there will be a unified metric of the United Nations and a reference of one meter. As a result, other so-called one-meter lengths come infinitely closer to one meter of the reference object to minimize error. Similarly, ICC is the International Color Institute, with the color value of each color, in order to unify the color ratio. In spite of its color value, there is a difference between the same colors in the pigment production due to the factors such as the manufacturer, the technology, the manufacture, and the like.

    UV printer is ink non-contact inkjet jobs on the print medium, showing color patterns. An ink jet nozzle size almost 1cm * 8cm size of the area will have thousands of nozzles, the size of each nozzle is smaller than the hair wire, the size of the droplet sprayed PL (Pi) to measure, 1 liter (L) is equal to 10 of the 12th square skin liters (PL), that is, a liter of one hundred billion liters, drop size in a few leather up to dozens of skin up, a set of color of the color composition is that these nozzles Ink dot piled up, UV printer software will be based on the default pattern of ink dot accumulation to achieve the final color difference. Production process, some colors such as gold, silver, etc. for the mixed color, production and processing of color effects printed out with the software to draw the color will be different, or there is distortion, then you need to make ink program that ink curve to meet the actual Production needs.

    Read these scenes above, come to understand what is the ink curve?

    Print ink is simply the pigment and solvent with the use of ink to print the ideal color, will be ink itself, printers, print media three factors. Ink curve is popular in terms of ink equipment (UV printers, etc.) according to the color of the media to print a specific ratio of the ink program to achieve the desired color effect. A set of preprogrammed programs issues an instruction to the printer at print that tells the printer what color ink to use and how much ink to use to color points on the job pattern.

    So ink curve in the actual production is important?

    Below we have a detailed understanding of the ink curve under:

    1. Ink curve is a UV printer using a certain ink ratio in a medium print a solution, each printer has a default ink program

    2. Often referred to CMYK ink color, is the standard 4-color printing color, a high-quality ink, each color should be close to the theoretical requirements of the printing color. However, the ink on the actual market there will be some differences in color, this difference is due to the different ink raw materials, production technology and whether the strict compliance with the printing color standards lead to different.

    3. The curve of a certain ink is only for the ink for a certain printer in a certain type of medium to print and give the ink program, in theory, ink, printer, media, any factor changes, and then the same Ink program, the output of the results will be different, the degree of difference may be great may also be very small. For a variety of personalized printing, the use of off-the-shelf ink curve, for each specific print job output, the print output is not necessarily the best results. For each specific print, a new ink solution is required to provide a new ink curve. In fact, there can be no specific curve given for a specific print job, an existing ink curve is not very meaningful to the user. In this case, the ink curve intelligence serves as a reference.

    4.UV printer software (RIP) has a powerful color adjustment function, you can get the desired output quality through the adjustment function.

    5. As far as the ink is concerned, it is not very important that there is no ink curve. It is important to choose a truly high quality ink. With the excellent performance of the UV printer and software (RIP), the software can fine tune the color Can get excellent image output quality.

    6. Ink quality is not high, it is impossible to get high quality color quality! Really good quality ink, the color value of each color is closer to the Ricoh standard. Superior performance UV printers use high-quality, specialized inks to deliver excellent print quality with regular printing, even without a specific curve, and outstanding UV printers follow ink-jet procedures when printing patterns. Poor quality ink, which does not follow print color standards well, is even more important to the needs of the color curve, which can be significant when printed in conventional formats. The fact is that even with the color curve, often not much help meaning, you want low-quality ink output excellent print quality, is tantamount to chasing Qiji, even if extra cash to do nothing.

    7. Inkjet print quality core three factors: the printer itself, ink quality, software processing system, the perfect match of the three to give the best color.

    Back to the previous question, ink curve in the actual production is important?

    Many UV flatbed printer users before buying, will always ask whether the device software configuration ink curve, the feeling is that there is a curvilinear heart to buy only practical. Ink curve printing personality, diversity printing is not so important. High-volume production only need to print a specific color ink curve, making the printing effect of unity, it will appear important ink curve. If you use high-quality ink + excellent performance of the printing device + excellent software combination, the color obtained will be the ideal result. UV printer gives whether the curve of the ink is not based on the quality of the UV printer itself and ink quality evaluation, ink curve, is only a specific inkjet program!

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