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The First China E-Commerce And Logistics Green Packaging Conference Was Successfully Held

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2017

On November 22, 2017, the "First China Green E-Commerce and Logistics Packaging Conference" was grandly held in Shanxi Tower in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "Promoting Green Packaging and Social Responsibility Contract", aiming to establish and improve the logistics industry Packaging management system to guide enterprises to shoulder their social responsibilities and promote green packaging development project.

This meeting is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the China Electronic Commerce Association, the China E-Commerce Association Agricultural Products Branch, the China E-Commerce Association Logistics Committee, the China E-Commerce Logistics Industry Alliance, the China Enterprise Alliance (Beijing) Institute contractor. Xin Renzhou, Deputy Director of the Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yang Maoyin, Deputy Director of Logistics Department of the Circulation Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Chen Zhen, Vice Chairman of China Electronic Commerce Association, and Dawa, Director of Expert Committee of China Electricity and Logistics Industry Federation. Xu Min, director of the Ministry of Circulation Industry Promotion Center and Zhu Lei, dean of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Printing and other leaders and experts attended the conference. More than 300 delegates attended the conference, including Nomad Network, Yuantong, Shen Tong, Shen Tong, Zhongtong, Best Logistics, Jingdong Logistics, Xiaomi, Jumei Youpin, Suning, COFCO I bought and Baidu Takeaway. The meeting also attracted Beijing TV, Tianjin TV, China Post Express, Hyundai Logistics News, Logistics Times and other media representatives to participate.

Chen Zhen, vice president of China Electronic Commerce Association, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizers. Chairman Chen said: Green development is an important part of implementing the new development concept and building a modern economic system. It is to guide new practice with new ideas and write new times in new era A new chapter of the only way. Green low-carbon is the soul of our green packaging for e-commerce logistics. It is our responsibility to fulfill our social responsibilities. The inaugural e-commerce and logistics green packaging conference has given us a learning exchange platform for promoting green development and promoting green development. Industry norms and plans of action arena, let us work together to open a good Chinese e-commerce logistics and green packaging convention.

Yang Maoyin, deputy director of the Logistics Department of the Department of Trade and Industry Development of the Ministry of Commerce, and Dava, director of the expert committee of the China Federation of Logistics Industry and Logistics, respectively addressed the issue. Yang Maoyin pointed out: The Ministry of Commerce attaches great importance to the development of green packaging for e-commerce logistics. A lot of work, the packaging industry is closely related to national economy and the people's livelihood of the manufacturing sector in the national economy and social development has played a decisive role in properly handling the logistics and packaging business, for saving resources, protecting the environment and promote the industry's healthy and sustainable development Significant. Dava, director of China E-Commerce Logistics Industry Alliance Expert Committee, introduced the specific work arrangement of China's E-commerce logistics industry alliance and said: China E-Commerce Logistics Industry Alliance commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce, drafted E-commerce with China National Institute of Standardization and mainstream enterprises in the industry Logistics and green packaging industry standards, and will collaborate with all units as soon as possible to complete the e-commerce green packaging industry standards, reported to the Ministry of Commerce before the end of. In order to make E-commerce green packaging industry standards truly implement, China E-Commerce Logistics Industry Alliance, based on the spirit of innovation, has set up an Expert Group of E-commerce Logistics Green Packaging and welcomes other experts to join the recognition group.

Xu Min, director of the Ministry of Commerce of the circulation industry promotion center said: a large number of packaging issues have aroused the community's attention, China's e-commerce logistics industry alliance, the China Electronic Commerce Association Logistics Committee, China Electronic Commerce Association of agricultural food branch was held on November 21 "E-commerce green packaging materials technology and management practices" industry standard forum, more people are welcome to join the promotion of e-commerce and logistics green packaging in the ranks.

The assembly also invited the rookie network, Jingdong, SF, Suning, millet, COFCO I buy network, CIMC Jing Xinneng, a tear, grayscale environmental protection, Rexroth, the US food network, Qingdao Yuntian, would have lived And other industry elites delivered important speeches in various fields such as green, innovation, intelligence and sustainability. Two high-end dialogues were held at the meeting. They focused on "promoting green packaging, social responsibility contract" and "green packaging technology and application" A hot topic launched a heated discussion, the combination of theory and practice, for everyone to bring a top e-commerce logistics green packaging feast, the participating enterprises have said they have benefited.

As one of the important components of "the First Green Packaging Conference for E-commerce and Logistics in China," "China's E-commerce Logistics Award Selection" also kicked off at the awards dinner. The meeting set the "e-commerce logistics green packaging demonstration unit", "e-commerce logistics packaging technology innovation enterprises", "e-commerce logistics packaging design excellence award", "fresh electricity supplier and cold chain logistics packaging solutions recommended suppliers Five awards, the declaration of enterprises through self-evaluation and recommendation, and strict control by the expert review group, the final downstream of the industry chain a total of 12 companies award-winning, this award is designed to promote China's e-commerce and logistics packaging industry innovation management and enterprise Improve service level, strengthen technological innovation, give play to the demonstration effect and driving effect of related enterprises and groups, create a good environment for development, and jointly accelerate the development of e-commerce and green packaging in China.

"The First China E-Commerce and Logistics Green Packaging Conference" was highly praised by the industry for its super-honored guest lineup and wonderful content settings. As a professional association, the China E-Commerce Association Agricultural Products Branch and China E-Commerce Logistics Industry Alliance always put Lead and promote the sustainable development of the industry as a fundamental principle, the meeting for the first time focused on the development of e-commerce green packaging, it has been the industry's attention and support of my colleagues, more and more companies began to attach importance to green and sustainable development, and actively join To promote the development of green packaging, this is only a starting point. Next, the association will continue to work with all sectors of society in policy advocacy, standard promotion, industry research and other aspects, continue to promote the green packaging project and jointly build a harmonious green ecological home.

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