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The Development And Exploration Of Traditional Printing Enterprises To Carry Out Digital Printing

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2017

With the increasingly fierce competition in the printing industry, the short version of printing activities, the increasingly obvious personalization trend and the rapid development of digital technology, more and more traditional printing enterprises are trying to play their roles by combining digital printing with traditional printing Traditional printing quality and stability of the advantages at the same time, through the digital printing a flexible printing convenience, expand on-demand printing business, to provide customers a full range of printing solutions.

    Taking the book market as an example, on-demand printing can make it unnecessary for publishers to process thousands of books in a warehouse at one time, and spend a few years digesting inventory or even scrapped resources and costs. Followed by rapid production, from the technology can already be achieved when the world single-day delivery, but also to achieve rapid remote data transmission and processing, rather than having to be shipped to our factory after the completion of production, saving a lot of logistics costs And the time cost.

    How to choose their own business equipment?

    For traditional printing companies to invest in digital printing business, be sure to choose their own digital printing equipment. At present, many products, in the selection of the proposed follow the following principles:

    The high productivity, high quality, high automation and flexibility of the equipment minimize the cost of personnel and high error rates due to staff participation, while ensuring the printing quality and efficiency.

    Pre-press, India, China and India match the equipment to avoid the small horse-drawn cart or the overall efficiency of the horse-drawn car to reduce.

    To achieve digital printing and traditional printing match, digital printing and traditional print quality consistency, which is particularly important for color printing. By choosing a digital press approaching the quality of the offset color press, and using color management and color matching software, the digital press takes on the job of proofing, making up and printing small batches, perfectly matching traditional offset presses and maximizing Reflect the flexibility and cost advantages.

    Adapt to the development direction of integrated printing intelligent management, using internationally accepted CIP4 / JDF process standards. Avoid a variety of incompatible brands / models to use, increase the difficulty of information management.

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