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China Packaging Container Exhibition PACKCON

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2018

All kinds of packaging containers professional display platform

China Packaging Exhibition is a professional display platform for all kinds of packaging containers jointly created by China Packaging Federation and Reed Exhibitions. It focuses on the packaging and containers of paper, plastic, metal, glass and other materials, and brings together innovative packaging materials and packaging. The structure, packaging design and overall packaging solutions represent the new trend of packaging development in China and a large platform for innovative packaging services. The exhibition has formed the pattern of "Double Years Dongguan, One Year Shanghai", based on the two major industrial clusters in South China and East China and radiating across the country.

The 2018 China Packaging Containers Exhibition focused on the topic of “Innovation, Integration, and Green Intelligence”. It is a gathering of China's packaging industry leading heavyweight companies, listed companies, well-known enterprises, and specialty packaging companies. It is an annual event in which the packaging industry in China is highly influential. The organizer places the invitation of professional visitors in an equally important position with the invitation of exhibitors, and accurately invites more than 10,000 packaging, R&D, marketing, and executives in the terminal industries such as food, beverage, daily chemical, household appliances, digital appliances, e-commerce logistics, and medicine and healthcare. And purchasing decision makers came to the scene to jointly promote commerce and trade, helped enterprises to penetrate into the active new industrial clusters in southern China, explored local and national regional markets, and concluded effective business contacts with high-quality terminal buyers.

In the same period, “South China International Corrugated Exhibition”, “China International Color Box Exhibition” and “South China International Color Printing Technology Exhibition” were held. The 2018 China Packaging Container Exhibition will be built as a one-stop shopping platform for the whole industry chain in the packaging field. It is undoubtedly that the participants understand New development trends in the industry, face-to-face interaction with peers, and the expansion of human resources to create a great opportunity for common development.

■ 2 organizer resources integration, strong cooperation

■ 4 large sections to display paper, plastic, metal, glass packaging containers, materials and service design

■ 15,000 square meters exhibition area

■ 10,000+ high-quality terminal industry packaging R&D, marketing, senior management and purchasing decision makers

■ The unique destination buyer program unique to the packaging industry – the branded terminal adopts the matching service to accurately match the quality suppliers according to the buyer’s needs, effectively increasing the return on investment of participating exhibitors.

■ Supported by 200+ industry associations and well-known media

■ 10+ field packaging industry summits, forums and conferences, focusing on industry hot spots and development trends, bringing together thousands of packaging industry experts and brand terminals

Range of exhibition

Packaging container

    Paper packaging containers (color boxes, paper bags, paper cans, paper tubes, paper cups, paper drums, paper bowls, corrugated cartons, paper trays, pulp moldings, honeycomb paperboards, etc.)

    Plastic packaging containers (plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic boxes, plastic buckets, plastic cups, non-woven bags, etc.)

    Metal packaging containers (metal boxes, metal cans, metal drums, metal aerosols, etc.)

    Glass packaging containers (bottles for wine, glass bottles for daily use, cans, medical bottles, bottles for chemical reagents, glasses, etc.)

    Other natural material packaging containers

Packaging materials and accessories

    Biodegradable plastics, buffer packaging materials, aseptic packaging materials, anti-corrosion preservation packaging materials, functional films, nano packaging materials, textile products, and other natural packaging materials and labels, caps, zippers, easy lids, pumps, hoses Wait.


Packaging Service

    Packaging Design

    Whole package solution

    Packaging Service

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