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On-Demand Printing Market And Future Development Prospects

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2017
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On-Demand Printing Market And Future Development Prospects

On-demand printing based on the development of digital technology and equipment support, ultimately, the needs and training of the market. As digital printing technologies and equipment that meet on-demand printing requirements continue to evolve and improve, on-demand printing requirements are constantly being met and on-demand printing markets are evolving.

    On the one hand, on-demand printing includes short-run printing that can be achieved with digital printing systems. On-demand printing is the first to be realized in the short-run color printing market in the competition and competition with printing and office automation equipment such as offset, copiers and printers And development. In addition, on-demand printing has taken a big step forward in areas such as on-demand printing (zero stock availability), on-demand publishing (complete book production in one step from digital manuscripts).

    On the other hand, on-demand printing is not only a slice of the traditional printing market, and on-demand printing is creating a new printing market. Print markets such as personalized printing (custom printed invitations, greetings cards, personal brochures), on-demand printing (native-language newspapers ready to be read anywhere in the world) have opened the door for on-demand printing.

    Although the growth of on-demand printing also depends on the further development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of printing technology and equipment, it is also affected by various aspects such as printing quality, investment in printing equipment, printing material cost, printing operator level and printing market development. However, this new concept of printing, which has changed the traditional printing market, will bring us more hope and a bright future. The development and advancement of digital printing equipment will add wings to the ideal of on-demand printing .


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