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Negative Ink Road Fault Diagnosis And Solution Of Inkjet Printer

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2017
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Negative Ink Road Fault Diagnosis And Solution Of Inkjet Printer

Common negative pressure ink jet printer ink road failure are mainly leaks, nozzles in ink and ink inverted suction.

    Leakage, such as negative pressure pump in the repeated work, you can determine the presence of gas leakage in the ink system, to identify leakage, to take concrete measures to solve. Check the air leak steps are as follows: First of all to determine whether the car part of the air leakage or negative pressure device in the appliance leak, XOR or leak. Methods: Sandwich the main gas to observe whether the negative pressure pump is still working repeatedly, as normal, is part of the Mexican car leaks, or negative pressure device leaks. Then for the car or negative pressure device to determine the specific leak.

    Nozzle in the ink, there may be reasons for the negative pressure is too small, negative pressure shows the difference with the real pressure, sub-cartridge body leaks and other reasons. Such as negative pressure is too small, may be appropriate to increase the negative pressure, and then observe the Mexican situation; such as negative pressure table itself, you can unplug the negative pressure gauge gas to see if the value is 0, if not 0, negative pressure The table to clear the job; If the sub-tank valve body leaks can check the spool in turn, the gas ink joints, cleaning fluid spout cap, ink tube is split and so on.

    Ink down suction, first observe how the reverse suction occurs: the car does not move, place a certain amount of time, a color inverted suction, usually for the ink plate or motherboard reasons; positive pressure for too long, leading to suction down, you can shorten Positive pressure time; liquid level sensor connected to the wrong lead to reverse suction, correct wiring; reverse suction printing, the general is caused by leaks, leak check to enhance air tightness can be. Suction occurred approach: First, shut down, let the car parked on the left. Second, clear the waste liquid waste box. Third, it will happen that most of the ink in the secondary cartridge is released and the liquid level drops. Finally, change into the trachea into the ink.


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