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Green Print Promotion Week

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2017

After 6 years of development, the green philosophy enjoys popular support and the green printing has become the consensus and conscious action of the whole industry in upstream and downstream of the industry chain. November 27 - December 1, the annual green printing promotion week. In order to better publicize the concept of green printing to the readers, this edition chooses eight basic knowledge about green printing and popularizes green printing knowledge points for readers through question and answer.

    First, what is green printing?

    Green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, less pollution in the printing process, saving resources and energy, printing is easy to recycle recycling after recycling, can be naturally degraded, the ecological impact of small printing methods. Green printing requires coordination with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean printing production processes, the safety of printed materials for users, and the recycling and reprocessing of printed materials, that is, the entire life of printed materials from raw material selection, production, use and recycling Cycle should meet the environmental requirements.

    Second, what are the characteristics of green printing?

    Reduce and moderate, non-toxic and harmless, pollution-free and pollution-free green printing is the three main features. Reduction and moderate refers to the green printing in the information to meet the identification, protection, convenience, sales and other functions under the conditions of the least amount, the most simplified printing process moderate; non-toxic and harmless means that the printed material should not contain toxic substances, Or toxic substances should be controlled below the relevant standards; pollution-free and pollution-free means that the entire life cycle of printed products should not be polluting the environment or cause pollution, that is, from raw materials collection, processing of materials, manufacturing products, products Use, waste recycling, until the final disposal of the entire production process should not cause harm to humans and the environment.

    Third, the raw and auxiliary materials What are the requirements?

    Green printing on the varnish requirements of water-based or light-cured varnish.

    Green printing on the dusting requirements for plant dusting.

    Green printing on the coating film adhesive requirements for the use of water-based plastic film.

    Green printing requires inks, varnishes, blankets, adhesives can not add six kinds of phthalates.

    Green printing on the paper brightness should be consistent with the GB / T24999 standard; green printing paper textbooks used in primary and secondary schools to meet the brightness requirements of GB / T18359 standards.

    · Green printing products harmful substances limit cyclohexanone limit ≤ 1.0mg / ㎡.

    · Green printing sets limits on the 24 kinds of toxic and hazardous substances contained in printed products: mainly 8 kinds of soluble elements and 16 kinds of volatile organic compounds left on the printed matter.

    · The amount of alcohol in the fountain solution used in printing production activities should be ≤5%.

    · Lithographic printing products limited to harmful substances, xylene required ≤ 0.25mg / ㎡.

    · Recycled paper is made of waste paper as a raw material, to be broken, to color paste and then processed through a variety of complex processes produced paper.

    Fourth, what is the meaning of green printing?

    The purpose of green printing contains two core connotations of "environment friendliness" and "health benefits", emphasizing that taking into account contemporary people and giving consideration to the survival and development of the next generation. The recent interests of enterprises and the long-term interests of the country combined with environmental benefits and economic benefits of convergence, in order to achieve a win-win environment for environmental protection and market economy as the goal. Green printing not only reflects the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented, advanced science and technology, but also an important means to achieve energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy. The green printing industry chain mainly includes green printing materials, printing and graphic design, green plate making process, green printing process, green post-printing process, environment-friendly printing equipment, printing waste recycling and regeneration. Through the implementation of green printing, the whole supply chain system including printing materials, processing, application and consumption can be put into a virtuous circle.

    Fifth, green printing certification is what?

    Green printing certification is an important way to implement green printing. Green printing certification for enterprises in a voluntary, open, fair and equitable principle. Carrying out green printing certification is an important means and means for the state to implement green printing. This is also an internationally accepted practice.

    Green environment logo graphics by Castle Peak, green water, the sun and the surrounding 10 ring composition. The requirements of green printing environmental labeling product certification are as follows: the quality meets the standard, and the discharge of "three wastes" meets the national or local emission standards ("three wastes" in the test report refer to wastewater, exhaust gas and noise). Printing enterprises to obtain green printing environmental labeling Product certification marks the enterprises in environmental protection has reached the current national environmental standards for the implementation of the advanced level, is worth the trust of the community and government print product producers. Environmentally friendly products indicate that the product is not only of good quality but also meets certain environmental protection requirements during production, use and disposal. Compared with similar products, the product has the advantages of low toxicity, less resources and less resources.

    Six, printing enterprises how to achieve green printing?

    Green printing can be achieved from the choice of more environmentally friendly materials, energy saving in production to reduce emissions and make products healthier. Use of environmentally friendly paper, including sustainable forest certification paper (to protect nature), natural paper (useful vision), recycled paper (recycled), environmentally friendly inks, glue; energy saving in the production process to reduce emissions refers to the power saving in print production Water saving, waste heat recovery, professional treatment of pollutants; green printing books 24 environmental indicators should be in line with national standards HJ2503-2011, with the guarantee of advanced human health.

    How to Win VOCs Efforts Tough battle?

    VOCs refers to volatile organic compounds, which are common air pollutants in the printing industry. How to reduce VOCs emissions? Printing companies can start with the following: The printing plant uses non-volatile or low-volatile and high-boiling detergents to replace gasoline for printing plates and blankets to reduce emissions of VOCs. The centralized ink supply system not only reduces emissions of VOCs , But also reduce the potential waste caused by manual ink; pre-coated film coating can be exempt from the use of thinner, free of pollutants, greatly reducing the release of VOCs; water-based ink and solvent-based ink is the biggest difference between its use The solvent is water rather than organic solvents, water-based ink can significantly reduce VOCs emissions.

    The current VOCs treatment technologies mainly include combustion technology, membrane separation technology, condensation, biological treatment technology, absorption technology (adsorption technology) plasma technology, photocatalytic degradation.

    Eight, the origin of green printing propaganda week?

    October 8, 2011, the State Press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Notice on the implementation of green printing," decided the first week of November each year for the Green Printing Week, the theme of the publicity week, "publicity announcement , Showing the latest achievements and accelerating the pace of development. "It is an important platform for promoting the concept of green printing in the printing industry and displaying the achievements of green printing. It has successfully held 6 sessions so far.

    The 7th green print promotion week is scheduled for November 27 - December 1, 2017. A number of activities will be held during the Green Printing Promotion Week, such as the National Green Printing Promotion Conference 2017, the 2nd China Publishing and Printing Convention, the Beijing Green Printing Industry Promotion Business Conference 2017 and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Green Printing Industry Promotion Business Conference. .

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