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Corrugated Roller Which Aspects Affect The Quality Of Cardboard?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 21, 2017
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Corrugated Roller Which Aspects Affect The Quality Of Cardboard?

Corrugated roller quality will directly affect the cost of corrugated cardboard production. Corporations routinely test corrugated rolls. Well, the detection of these points will affect what aspects of corrugated cardboard it? Discuss it below.

First, corrugated roller flute

Corrugated refers to the distance between the two ends of the mountain, some people use a certain distance to calculate the number of corrugations. The greater the greater the greater the greater the detractor from the printing, but the flute to the corrugation is relatively low, reducing the amount of corrugated paper, but the pressure on the edge of corrugated cardboard.

Second, high corrugated roller

Leng Leng refers to the middle of the two peaks of the gap between the peaks, the higher the height of the corrugated board made of the stronger side of the pressure, the greater the amount of corrugated paper, that is, the higher the thickness of the cardboard, cardboard relatively low pressure, corrugated Roller is also relatively easy to wear.

Third, the corrugated stick in the high

In order to make the corrugated roller in the operation of the average parallel pressure on the core paper and paper, the general lower corrugated roller has a certain high. Some of the pressure roller is not high, this is set according to different characteristics of the device. The middle of the so-called high corrugated roller diameter greater than the diameter of both ends of the corrugated roller, usually between 30-60 silk, as to how much the amount depends on the roller diameter, width and material and other factors.

Fourth, the corrugated roller diameter

The larger the diameter of the corrugated roller, the better the rigidity, the lower the height, the more steam can be stored in the roller. The smaller the vibration, the easier it is to operate. The disadvantage is that the core paper contact surface, resulting in a greater tension of the core paper.

Fifth, the gap between the corrugated roller bite

In the upper and lower corrugated roller bite, the corrugated wall bite if the gap is too small, will result in corrugated paper cracking, the impact of corrugated strength; if the bite gap is too large, will make the corrugated roller resonance increases.

Six, corrugated rate

After corrugating, the length of the corrugated straightened and non-straightened length were compared. The higher the general corrugation rate, the more paper used, with the same material, the greater the pressure on the edge, the lower the crush strength.


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