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Chinese Label Printing Industry Of New Technologies, New Materials

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Chinese Label Printing Industry Of New Technologies, New Materials

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Professional exhibition has always been a barometer of the development of the industry, weathervane, 2017 China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition ended three months ago, but its display of the latest plate technology, in-mold labels new materials and new technology, and specifically for the label printing industry Design of the ERP management system and other software left me the memory is still vivid, they all reflect to some extent, the development of China's label industry. The following specific talk about my knowledge of these technologies, materials and feelings.

CTP platemaking technology gradually universal

The exhibition of CTP plate making equipment suppliers Hangzhou Corey, Guangdong Aike Kai and Liaoning Panther Chi, their equipment has developed in function, such as a single carved into multi-functional, compatible letterpress, Water-based offset printing, waterless offset printing, flexo printing. Domestic CTP plate making equipment cheaper than similar equipment imported a lot, but relatively backward in software development, domestic suppliers only to increase software development efforts to promote the hardware sales, in order to increase market share.

The domestic label printing CTP plate making penetration is very slow, and the proportion is very low, according to "label technology" report, at present, the popularity of letterpress CTP plate making only 10% while the national label industry is dominated by letterpress version (about 60 %proportion). CTP platemaking has a huge market and space, I hope the domestic CTP platemaking equipment suppliers to do the hardware at the same time the development of software suited to the national conditions, good service, improve the domestic label industry plate-making level.

In-mold labels new materials, new technology after another

In-mold labels new materials, new technology is another highlight of this exhibition. As a general agent and service agency of YUPO Corporation in China, Tai Rong exhibited the latest materials and the latest application technology of in-mold labels. The use of PET transparent bottle injection blow molding process (Chinese enterprises patent), the special PET mold label into the mold, the temperature of the plastic solution can make the label with the bottle into one. Compared with the traditional PET bottle molding process twice, the injection stretch blow process simplifies the original process, saves energy, improves the finished product quality and reduces the loss. It is a significant process reform in the plastic molding field and has far-reaching significance.

The new process has spawned a new PET in-mold label material that can be used not only on PET bottles but also on PP bottles. PET in-mold label materials can be transparent, white, but also metallized, or even holographic anti-counterfeiting structures. Packaging bottles using PET mold label transparency, high rigidity, small deformation, is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, is a rookie in the field of packaging.

Another new technology in in-mold labeling applications is the three-dimensional in-mold label presented on the bottle body. The principle of this new technology is: the mold according to the characteristics of the label pattern carved out of different shades of depression pattern, the plastic molding pressure under the action of the mold material within the label shape according to the mold to form a convex graphics, and finally formed Three-dimensional effect of the label surface. This technology is a bit like punch in the post-processing process, the mold is equivalent to embossing the bottom plate, compressed air equivalent to the convex version. This new technology is of great significance to the decoration and anti-counterfeiting of the bottle body. It is a process innovation and has certain development space.

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