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China Gift Box Performance Test Standard

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2018

The base papers used by cartons manufacturing companies in China can be divided into imported base papers and domestic base papers if they are classified according to the origin; if they are classified according to the type of base paper, they can be divided into kraft paperboard (domestic also known as kraft paperboard), Corrugated paper, whiteboard paper for high-end packaging printing, noodle kraft paper, coated kraft paperboard, etc. Due to the rapid development of China's carton industry, the demand for base paper has been increasing year by year, especially for coated kraft paperboard, because it has the advantages of both kraft linerboard and coated whiteboard, and also has the strength of kraft linerboard and whiteboard paper. As for the printability, so the import volume is a significant increase.

In recent years, although the overall quality of the domestic base paper has been greatly improved, there is still a gap compared to the quality of the base paper abroad, and even if individual paper mills can reach the same level in foreign countries, but in some low-weight, high-strength kraft paper As for the production of corrugated paper, due to the limited production capacity, it is still unable to meet the demand. Most of them are still dependent on imports. For imported raw paper, the inspection and quarantine authorities of China have specific provisions: In accordance with the provisions of the "Commercial Inspection Law," the commodities listed on the category list must be inspected by the inspection and quarantine institution or its designated inspection department, and sales and use must not be made without inspection. Most of the paper used in cartons imported by China are statutory products that must be inspected. At present, when the inspection and quarantine department tests these papers, the following inspection standards are generally followed:

1. Mandatory standards of laws and regulations or other inspection standards that must be implemented;

2. If there are no mandatory standards or other mandatory inspection standards for laws and regulations, they may be tested according to the standards agreed by the parties to the contract. (If the mandatory standards of laws and regulations are lower than the standards stipulated in the contract, they shall be executed in accordance with the standards stipulated in the contract);

3. None of the above two points can be tested according to the standards of the producing countries, relevant international standards or the standards specified by the national inspection and quarantine agencies. For those who do not have a suitable test standard, select the approved internal method standard.

Here we need to specifically address the above-mentioned second point. During our actual inspection, we found that most domestic users do not have enough agreement on the quality terms of the imported base paper in the trade contract, and even there is no agreement. They often only recognize the brand. And origin, while ignoring the quality of the product itself. In the first half of this year, there were several batches of imported paper that were inspected by our inspection and quarantine departments and found to have quality problems. However, because the customer did not prescribe the quality requirements and inspection standards of the goods received in the contract, the inspection and quarantine department issued a non-conformity certificate. Difficult to come, to the customer's own claims and return shipments brought troubles, therefore, we call for companies importing base paper should be agreed in the contract quality terms in order to protect their own income.

The specific inspection contents for paper include: safety, hygiene, environmental protection, quality, quantity, weight, packaging and other items. Due to space limitations, we will only give an introduction to its conventional physical inspection items and method standards used.

1. Appearance inspection: Appearance inspection of paper is one of the important inspection items. It is generally composed of two parts: the on-site sampling inspection and the laboratory inspection. The appearance defects of the paper not only affect the appearance of the paper, but also affect the use of the paper. The inspection method standards we use are: ISO, TAPPI standards, and SN/T0874-2000 and national standard GB/T1541 dust degree detection. The main use of light inspection, head-up inspection, strabismus inspection and hand touch inspection. Requires that the paper surface is clean and free from any folds

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