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Changes In The Carton Processing Machinery

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

From the corrugated box production machinery changes in recent years to see corrugated boxes processing machinery and equipment, technological progress and the current problems to be further explored the contents of the following points:

    1, single-sided technology to suppress corrugated board Improvements: single-sided preheater diameter increases, the diameter of corrugated roller bold, such as the original diameter of 26cm corrugated roller, now a lot of new corrugated machine corrugated roller Have been changed to a diameter of 32cm; increased corrugated pressure on the base paper heating capacity and corrugated molding effect. Processing corrugated board in foreign countries have emerged cold corrugated cardboard processing equipment, that is, the use of ultrasonic corrugated shape method.

    Corrugated roller of single-sided machine: The high-end single-sided machine has been improved on the structure of the traditional single-sided machine to meet the need for quick change of different corrugated types by using positive pressure type of rapid replace. However, the wear resistance of corrugated roller, the last decade, no substantial increase, while the market is expected to have more durable corrugated roller to dilute the manufacturing costs of corrugated cardboard. Another high-speed operation of corrugated roller noise, noise pollution on the surrounding environment, should be as a future improvement of corrugated machine.

    In the single-sided machine, the more advanced sizing method has been changed from manual control on the plastic plate to the cylinder to promote glue, and can control the sizing width of corrugated cardboard.

    Rubber supply and circulation: the use of potentiometer for plastic control, automatic production line for corrugated cardboard, automatic gluing system. But many only single-sided corrugated machine manufacturers, the glue-making equipment are relatively simple, many are made locally, the production is not standardized.

    Single-sided machine power transmission: The new model has been canceled chain driven corrugated roller, pressure roller, sizing roller, instead of the gear box plus cardan shaft drive the aforementioned components. Single-sided paper guide and care board has been canceled, replaced by vacuum adsorption, which has the advantage of rapid drying of single-sided corrugated cardboard on the water vapor to improve the single-sided corrugated board dryness, to ensure good corrugated , And subtract the paper guides, pallet replacement, reducing the amount of maintenance on the equipment.

    2, the paper holder on the roll holder shaft head: single-sided machine without shaft holder of the new folder shaft head, from square, conical to automatic expansion of the shaft head, to solve the square and Conical chuck head shaft will be broken after the core of the web, resulting in the destruction of the tail edge of the damaged web can not be used to improve the utilization of the base paper.

    3, in the automatic online exchange of paper, in order to achieve automatic quick paper connector, paper, paper success rate of up to 98%. This method not only saves raw materials, improves the quality of corrugated board, but also gives the operator a safer working environment.

    4. Slitter's dividing knife: It has been replaced by the traditional knife knives with the thin steel knives and the peak steel knives, which improves the integrity and aesthetics of corrugated board cutting and reduces the cutting of corrugated board Confetti. However, the higher cost Wu steel thin knife, to further reduce the cost of the market is looking forward to the goal. The peak steel thin knife although the price is low, but its durability is poor.

    5, corrugated cardboard crosscutting machine: crosscutting machine has been changed from mechanical to tachometer speed, applicator processing data, computer control cutting length and the number of production, improve the processing quality of corrugated board, processing, dimensional accuracy and processing volume Accuracy

    6, cardboard processing width increase, speed, productivity. Although the labor cost is reduced, the manufacturing cost of corrugated paperboard is slightly reduced. However, more automatic corrugated cardboard production lines have further intensified the fierce competition among the corrugated paperboard trades and reduced the employment rate of personnel. Many high-speed liners Capacity is idle and wasted state, and increased equipment maintenance costs.

    7, in order to effectively use the heat, reduce energy consumption, many manufacturers use steam recovery compressor, the high temperature condensate into the boiler with a closed-circuit circulation system for reuse, to improve the utilization of waste heat; automatic corrugated cardboard online Main motor inverter control implementation of energy-saving. There are also new features in terms of environmental protection and energy use: In places close to the city center, in order to reduce the pollution of the coal-fired boilers to the atmosphere and the soil, corrugations using secondary energy (such as diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and electric energy) Cardboard processing equipment market share is increasing, especially in single-sided unit to use more secondary energy. For the hot plate part of the belt running deviation, an increase of automatic correction facilities.

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