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2017 Asia International Label Printing Exhibition Grand Opening

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2017

After two years of preparation, 2017 Asia International Label Printing Exhibition today, December 5, at the grand opening of Shanghai New International Expo Center.

 Xu Jianguo, Chairman of China Printing Equipment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as China-India Association of Workers), Wang Lijian, Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Zhao Heping, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Printing Association, Honorary Chairman of China-India Committee of Industry Labeling Association Tan Junyi, Li Chunjie, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary-General of China Label Association, Qiu Xiaohong, Secretary General of China Printing Association, Xu Wencai, Chairman of Gravure Branch of China Printing Technology Association, Chris Ellison, President of FINAT, Taros Group representatives LisaMilburn, JamesSamuel, AndyThomas and Liu Tao were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

 In his speech, Chairman XU Jianguo reviewed the cooperation between the China-India Association of Workers and the Tasus Group. He said: "This year marks the first year of the full cooperation between the China-India Joint Committee and the British Tasus Group on the exhibition. During this period, The market awareness, professional standards and resources to integrate, communicate with each other very much, with the tacit understanding, resulting in the show both in size and size have hit an unprecedented new heights. "

    On the current state of economy, the label printing companies should take what measures, he suggested: "relying solely on the scale and investment, has been unable to meet market demand, label printing companies need to advance with the times, develop new technologies, open up new avenues for development. 2017 Asia International Label Printing Exhibition held in the past two years, labels, packaging and printing in the development of equipment, production and development of the entire industry chain has made a new achievement of a platform for the show, for the majority of label printing companies to provide a Very rare opportunities for learning and on-site experiences may help domestic companies find new entry points for growth and new profit growth points. "

 2017 Asia International Label Printing Exhibition for a four-day exhibition will be held on the 8th at 15:30 pm. This exhibition integrates the domestic and international market resources and will focus on the label, packaging and processing of the entire supply chain for all professionals in the label, packaging and printing industries, such as printers, designers, brand owners and industry suppliers, including: new Of the printing presses, printing materials, finishing equipment and automated processing technology, as many as more than 300 exhibitors.

    During the show, Domino, Fuji Xerox, Hewlett-Packard and Xeikon four companies will give the audience an unprecedented "digital printing experience trip." At that time, the audience can not only experience different digital printing technologies and processing techniques, but also collect and compare the printed proofs in the booths of the above four companies and affix a single page on its digital printing experience trip A seal. Simply place a single page of Digital Seal Experience Trip with a seal into the lucky draw box at the E2E Pavilion K50's stand (LabelexpoGlobalSeries) to join the lucky draw. Prize is AppleWatchS3 a.

 The other theme of the event - Intelligent Zone is located in the E2 Hall, exhibitors, including DPSInnovations, Shanghai Alliance Point Information Technology Co., Ltd., STMicroelectronics, Small IoTech (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Visualnet and Voyanic. They will highlight the latest smart label and packaging applications currently available in the market.

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