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100% Biodegradable Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2017
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100% Biodegradable Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

It is reported that Britain will launch a new biodegradable plastic packaging next month. It is reported that the plastic packaging can achieve 100% degradation, was designed to be discarded like orange peel.

The United States has long started to use 100% biodegradable products and has assigned its supplier TIPA to announce some UK brand partnerships in the coming months.

The UK will launch bioplastic packaging that will achieve 100% degradation

Advanced bio-plastic materials

Daphna Nissenbaum, Software Engineer and CEO, and TalNeuman, Senior Vice President, Industrial Designer and Product Division, founded TIPA in Israel, which currently has a large research and development team, a bioplastics manufacturing team, sales and marketing department, and a U.S. subsidiary Sales office.

Products include co-extruded high transparent films for fresh food, coffee, bakery products, cereal crushed products and clear or non-transparent sealed plastic bags and stand-up bags for granola bars, chips, snacks, cereals, These products have long been sold in the EU and the United States.

Nissenbaum told BakeryandSnacks that TIPA's vision is to have soft plastic packaging have the same end-of-life attributes as organic waste and still have the same long-term attributes as consumers and brands expect for products including freshly produced, chilled and frozen foods and dairy products Ordinary plastic-like durability and shelf life.

"Flexible packaging is not made of pure plastic polymer, but made by mixing several materials, making it almost impossible to recycle," she said.

"Even though some of the materials used for flexible packaging are biodegradable, the very blends of materials make the entire package unsuitable for recycling or composting."

"The vision behind TIPA is to address the challenge of creating sustainable flexible packaging by creating advanced bioplastic materials, and to do that, our company includes chemical and bioplastics professionals, industry experts and food engineers."

"We pioneered a new era of packaging that wraps food in a natural way."

Nissenbaum added that although bioplastic materials have been around for a long time, they can only be used in agriculture, garbage bags or simple applications because they can not be successfully put into existing production lines.

"The task is complicated and full of difficulties"

She said that these materials tend to be more easily broken, more sensitive to heat and humidity, and have poor permeability, yellow color and lack of transparency.

"The task of deconstructing a decontaminated packaging from scratch is complex and difficult, not just about regulation but also lacking of existing technology and logistics and business development," said Nissenbaum.

TIPA built its technology on three steps

Resin Series - Using existing raw materials in a new way, modifying and controlling their properties and compounding them into resin blends to become new materials with advanced properties.

Film Series - The second step is to define a unique structure of coextruded film (based on the new formula) to create films with similar mechanical, optical and barrier properties similar to traditional plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. It has developed several types of films for standalone applications in food packaging processes, barrier, sealant and printable films.

Laminate Series - The third step is to design a high quality laminate that is used today in the industry. High barrier transparent or coated sheets that can be printed and applied in existing machinery create a range of applications such as handbags, zipper bags and more. The final packaging material can replace the traditional traditional laminate used for dry and greasy food, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold bread, snacks and so on.

"Spent a lot of development time, but today TIPA has developed the first fully compostable eco-friendly barrier film and laminate with the necessary moisture and oxygen barrier properties to meet a range of food shelf life standards. "

"This breakthrough made it possible for organic recyclable / compostable packaging to replace non-recyclable flexible packaging, which can not only be transferred from landfills and incinerators but also as an added value they can be used as a source of production energy (Such as biogas facilities) or land fertilizers (composting facilities). "

When co-founder Nissenbaum and Neuman began working together six years ago, they wanted to design a biodegradable water bag (TIPA means "water drop" in Hebrew). They hired bioplastic experts to look for materials suitable for drink bags, but six months later they were told they did not have suitable biodegradable materials on the market.

Same properties as traditional plastic

They believe that if TIPA biodegradable flexible packaging to be successful, it must have all the characteristics of the traditional plastic in terms of transparency, tensile strength and shelf life. It must also be completely compostable.

"The basic idea is actually an orange peel, a package that will resemble an orange peel, a biodegradable package that we can throw into the organic trash can after we have eaten or finished its contents," Newman said .

"We created flexible food packaging that, on the one hand, looks and feels like an ordinary plastic with the same properties and, on the other hand, it biodegrades after consumption into a fertilizer that can be used again for soil fertilization."

"The complex, high-quality mechanical standards that the food industry carries out make it difficult to come up with a compostable and effective package that supports both ecological and functional requirements, which is the technical challenge we solve."


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