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How To Print To Make A Booklet?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 04, 2018

1. Search and Download a professional booklet template.

Conduct a search on a professional website, such as Microsoft, Save-Word-Templates or Word-Templates-

Online, for a template that meets your requirements. Selecting the appropriate template for the job reduces 

the number of alterations to be made on the template from the start.

2. Customize the Template.

Some fields in the template should be customized to suit the specific user purposes, such as a product 

name, deadline, and job title among other information. Customize the selected template by changing the 

clip art and graphics such as company logo, to suit the user preferences including position, size and other 

specific likes. Where the format allows for font change, text format, color scheme and paper layout, do so 

to suit user preferences.

3. Save Booklet Template.

Let’s use the example of a business plan booklet for a start-up. After filling in the Business name, contact 

details and other information, Click on the “Save” button. If you are saving in Microsoft word format, simply 

use the "File > Save As" function of the word processor you are using inside the software.

4. Use the saved template.

The saved template is good for use in subsequent jobs. For example, if the booklet being made is a 

Newspaper or magazine, one of many pieces filled in a template makes good and coordinated effort and 

saves a lot of time going through one after another for quality checkup.


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