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How many fold types of brochure?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2018


There have about 10 available brochure folding formats. As its name indicates, the bi-fold contains two 

panels with enough space for lengthy text or large images. The tri-fold or letter fold, the z-fold, and the gate 

fold. The trifold brochure is folded twice to create three panels for a short, visual, and informative brochure. 

The more commonly used z-fold brochure has six printed pages on both sides. The gate fold works best on 

brochure designs with a central image or several visual elements.

Bi-Fold.pngTri-Fold.pngZ-Fold.pngGate Fold.png
Bi-foldTri-foldZ-foldGate fold
Accordion Fold.pngDouble Gate Fold.pngDouble Parallel Fold.pngRoll Fold.png
Accordion FoldDouble Gate FoldDouble Parallel FoldRoll Fold

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