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How Do You Print A Book?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2018

First, make plate: Plate making is to make plates and bottom plates.

Second, imposition: The imposition is to put the manuscript into a complete layout according to a certain format 

and requirement.

Third, folding: The printed sheets folding into require size.

Fourth, printing: Printing is to print in accordance with the text or drawing manuscript.

Fifth, proofreading: Proofreading is a necessary part of the book publishing process. The requirement is to 

check the proof according to the original or the original, eliminate errors and inappropriate on the layout.

Proofreading usually at least three times.

Finally, binding: According to stapling can be divided into titching, saddle stitching, thread sewing, adhesive 

binding. Generally thicker books usually use binding lock line.


Printing paper according to its purpose can be classified into newsprint, book and paper, cover paper, currency 

paper, wrapping paper, etc. According to the printing requirements, it is divided into letterpress paper, gravure 

paper, offset paper, etc. By packaging can be divided into paper roll and plain paper.

Commonly used paper as below:

Newsprint paper: Mainly used for printing newspapers, publications and books. The newsprint has smooth 

paper surface, soft texture, strong ink absorption, fast drying, and a certain mechanical strength.

Offset paper: The texture is solid and clean, because it is suitable for offset printing multiple times, named for 

printing in books and periodicals.

Coated paper: A paper coated with white paint on paper, smooth and delicate texture. Used for printed book 

inserts, covers, pictures, etc.

Cardboard: It is often used as hardcover book covers, linings, letters, book covers, etc.


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