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Color Printing How To Control A Good Set Of Printing Errors?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2018
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Color Printing How To Control A Good Set Of Printing Errors?

For color printing products, printing in the production process, the most prone to a printing problem is overprint error, it should be said that this issue has been the color printing process is the most difficult one of the problems. If this part of the treatment is not good, it will directly affect the quality of the color page printing products, so how to find the characteristics and regularity of overprint deviation in the printing process, effective solution to overprint deviation is very important .

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A lot of printing professionals: color printing in the process of dealing with trapping problems will be able to maximize the overprint deviation of the problem. The term "trapping" as we refer to here is a professional terminology for the printing industry. It refers to the process of color printing that is carried out in order to effectively solve the inaccurate printing of printing machines. Targeted improvement. This treatment is mainly intended to overlap the color of the deal, so you can better reduce the printing process due to overprint unsatisfactory caused by the problem of shading. Thus easing and making up for the large deviation of overprint.

It should be said that trapping technology is a very effective solution to the improvement of overprint deviation, but in this printing operation, a more experienced printing operation is needed, so that the printing technology can be more properly handled Better to make overprint deviation be corrected and dealt with.


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