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Color Pages Printing Prices Affected By What Factors?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2018
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Color Pages Printing Prices Affected By What Factors?

Of the many types of printing, color printing products can be regarded as a relatively high cost of a type of printing products, color printing products because the printing process and printing process relative to the general black-and-white printing more complex, especially some of the printing requirements This is especially true for high-color print products, so the prices for color-printed products tend to be higher than those for other types of print. So, color printing products, the main factors in the end what the price?

First, one important factor that affects the price of color-page printing products is printing on paper. Due to the relatively large number of types of paper for color printing products, thicker paper, some thin paper, some smooth paper, and some relatively rough paper, the printing companies are choosing these for color printing products Of the paper, the price will be different because of different prices, if the paper is better quality, color printing pages printed products will be relatively higher prices, if it is a common paper, color printing page will offer slightly lower some.

Color page printing

Second, another important factor that affects the price of color-page printing products is the printing process. Since different customers have different printing requirements for color printing products, they need different printing processes to meet the needs of our customers. If the color printing products produced through more complex printing processes tend to offer higher prices, If the printing companies using relatively simple printing process to make color-page printing products are often quoted prices will be slightly lower, so the color-page printing products, the decision to print the two key factors is the printing of materials and printing process .


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