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Color Page Printing Companies In The Printing Of Color Sorting?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Color Page Printing Companies In The Printing Of Color Sorting?

Now, many enterprises in the marketing, most of them like to use color printing products for advertising, color printing products relative to other modes of publicity, with a low cost of publicity, publicity effect is good, so , We usually walk in the streets often see all kinds of businesses through the color page printing products to advertise, then, in the process of color page printing production, in order to ensure the quality of printing, the general should be how to sort the color? Below, Hao Wo Government Printing to give everyone relevant introduction and answer.

Color pages printed products production process, to the printing color of a reasonable arrangement is very important, it will directly affect the production of color printing page products. Under normal circumstances, the color page printing color sorting will be based on the content and characteristics of the original color arrangement. Printing is a means of displaying graphic design, and each color reflects the emotional components are also different. Therefore, the color sequence must first consider the content and characteristics of the original.

Color page printing

In addition, color pages in the color sorting process, but also pay particular attention to some of the details of the production print. Under normal circumstances, the editor in the design graphic layout, often have chosen a good layout color tone. This tone is to represent the overall feeling of the overall tone, become the dominant color printing. As a result of the ink hiding power, generally based on the warm tone first printed black, yellow and red after printing, mainly to cool the first printed magenta, printed after the blue.


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