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Book Printing Product Prices And What Factors?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 08, 2018
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Book Printing Product Prices And What Factors?

Due to the unprecedented development of computer and calculator technology in the past ten years, the printing output of books and periodicals as a whole has dropped in comparison with the previous production. Despite the fact that book and periodical printing products are in the printing market Still have a certain sales space, a lot of printing production enterprises will not easily give up this big cake on the printing market. In addition, the printing of books and printing products is relatively low cost of this feature also makes the printing manufacturers continue to be optimistic about the printing species. So, printing and book printing products printing and what factors related to it?

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First of all, one of the most important factors affecting the price of book printing products is printing paper. Because each book print product style and production standards vary, so there will be a big difference in the choice of printing paper, under normal circumstances, high-quality printing paper often because of printing costs increase in printing quotations relative to Higher, while some ordinary type of printing paper printed books and magazines printed products will offer relatively lower.

Second, book printing production requirements will have a greater impact on product pricing. We all know that some high-grade books and periodicals and printed products seen by kiosks in newspapers and kiosks tend to have higher price quotations due to the more complicated process of production and the more elaborate methods. Some books and periodicals that appear to be relatively simple to produce are printed Quotation will be relatively much lower. Thus, for books and printing products, printing paper and production requirements is an important factor affecting the quote.


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