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Book Printing Ink Selection Process To Pay Attention To What Issues?

Quanzhou Yuanquan Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Book Printing Ink Selection Process To Pay Attention To What Issues?

In our life, book printing products are a kind of more common printing products. It should be said, book printing products, consumer groups is more extensive. From the elderly to the elderly, to the younger children are books and magazines printing products consumer groups, books and periodicals printing products in the domestic printing market has always had a very good sales space, all printing companies are also very different for this type of printing Optimistic, usually will strive to win more books and printing products, customers, in order to be able to guarantee the quality and attract the majority of books and printing products to customers, printing manufacturers in the production of books and periodicals printing products, we must pay attention to the following questions.

Book printing

First of all, because most books and printing products will be based on text printing, so in the production of printing, we must pay attention to choose the better printing materials and printing inks, in order to obtain the ideal printing results. Printing production enterprises in the choice of printing paper, we must choose the quality of qualified products, must not seek no bargain, select a number of poor printing paper, affecting the quality of books and printing products.

At the same time, in the production of books and printing products to select the ink, but also must pay special attention to product quality, the current printing market, the quality of printing ink larger, there are high-quality printing inks, there are some quality problems inks, printing production Manufacturers in the choice of printing ink, we must select the quality of qualified printing ink to produce printed books and printing products, so that books and printed products can have quality assurance, these issues are printing manufacturers should be noted.


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